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太極生兩儀 科技智能主導風格美學居所

2022-08-10 13:41:11聯合新聞網 DECO TV

太極 Ta Chi|庭拓設計
太極 Ta Chi|庭拓設計

撰文者-DECO TV編輯部


太極 Ta Chi


This project is for the planning of a newly built one-story residential bare-shell unit, to create its own layout and traffic flow. The actual area is about 210 square meters. The whole process took one year and a half.


The design inspiration stems from the different preferences of the host and the hostess of the household. They are looking forward to living together but would like to maintain independent schedules and activities. Hence, the main traffic behind the middle entrance is divided into two. The left side is for the hostess who enjoys cooking. This area includes the dining room, Chinese/Western style kitchen, living room and bedroom for the lady. On the right side is the big living room, HiFi area, balcony garden, activity room and living room for the host who is an audiophile. This reasonable division of living space is like Ta Chi developing into two modes. Both segments in the same apartment provide the comfort and quality of the best scenarios.

太極 Ta Chi|庭拓設計
太極 Ta Chi|庭拓設計


The colors are soft, gentle and elegant throughout. For example, the walls and the floors of shared spaces are covered with large bricks of stone effects. Beige frosted stone materials are used for certain design details. Mineral paintings are applied on the ceilings. Diatomaceous earth decor is used for the bed headboard for temperature and humidity regulation, to protect the health of the residents.

太極 Ta Chi|庭拓設計
太極 Ta Chi|庭拓設計


The design comes in soft, tender and graceful colors, for absolute stress-free comfort. This is a healthy and breathable home without toxicity. For instance, no oil paint is used for walls to avoid evaporation of toxic smells. All the wall panels are constructed with formaldehyde-free materials. Lines and shapes are simplified, in conjunction with installation suggestions and multiple technologies for living. It is a salute to true simplicity.

太極 Ta Chi|庭拓設計
太極 Ta Chi|庭拓設計


Brevity, orderliness; health and skin-friendliness; and quality are the three themes for this project. There is no limitation on styles. Elaborate and complicated materials are aggregations and are filtered out. Ceilings, floors and walls serve as the background. Advancing or retreating designs easy to gather dust are avoided. Masses and walls are connected in a floating manner to the ground. This creates a sense of sophistication and makes it easy to operate robot vacuums.

太極 Ta Chi|庭拓設計
太極 Ta Chi|庭拓設計


Continuously standing windows are in place in this big space. As the users typically keep the windows closed, simple lines, geometric sequences, pointing joints at different depths are the modern aesthetic techniques in use, for timelessness. Numerous technologies for living are integrated: linear lighting, HiFi mounts, full heat exchangers, air-conditioning, return vents and air admission and electrical silhouettes.

太極 Ta Chi|庭拓設計
太極 Ta Chi|庭拓設計


To satisfy the individual needs of members, the functional spaces can be shared or are free from interferences from each other. The innovations of this project lie in simple-looking but highly designed materials such as anti-microbial, anti-static and low formaldehyde leathers, as well as complex procedures to achieve power functions (e.g., water proof in the water area, treatment of the original descending bathroom and water cleaning system for the household).

太極 Ta Chi|庭拓設計
太極 Ta Chi|庭拓設計


To extend the service life of the decor and to ensure the consistency in the quality of living during the service years, this project pays extra attention to invisible details, such as tone control ceilings for acoustic effects, sound-silencing engineering, Baytec for the water area, anti-crack meshes between tiles and walls and interlacing multi-level water resistance. All these efforts enhance the design value of this space.

太極 Ta Chi|庭拓設計
太極 Ta Chi|庭拓設計



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